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A Fistful of Letters

Meet Karl, a much-loved and highly respected mailman. When he finds out that he has been part of a intrigue for decades, he is determined to redeem his honor by overthrowing the spying government. In order to do so, he has to start his revolt deceitfully - still pretending to be the law abiding, diligent postman while fighting his way through the bandit-ridden countries. Gritty gunfights, complicated tasks and dubious acquaintances will all be part of his journey to the government headquarters.

  • Brawls and gunfights - fight against bandits and wildlife with your fists and firearms!
  • Tricky minigames - attend your duties in diversified challenges!
  • Character progress - work your way up by gaining experience and skills!



  • Jens Cherukad
    • Character Art
    • Animation


  • Alexander Golombek
    • 2D Art
    • Audio Design


  • Moritz Kertesz
    • Programming
    • 3D Art


  • Paul Stangl
    • Level Design
    • Web Development


  • Christian Winter
    • Programming
    • Tech Art